Access Statement

The original part of the Dinorben Arms Hotel is an old town house built in the seventeenth
century during the mid-Georgian Period. In the early nineteenth century it was converted to an
hotel.We bought the Dinorben in 2004 and when the Disability Act 2005 came into effect the building
was inspected by the Local Authority Disability Officer and we were given an exemption under
the relevant Disability Acts due to the architectural features and listing of the building.

All our accommodation is on the first floor which is accessed by a staircase of twenty
steps, which are wide and have a height of about 8″ (20cm) for each step. There is no lift
or aids to ascend or descend this staircase.

There are four entrances which provide access to the building:
Main entrance, at the front of the hotel which is located at the end of the High Street & Queens
Street and abuts onto Dinorben Square, directly opposite, St. Eleth Church. There is time
limited parking available, 40 minutes if parking between the times of 09:00 & 18:00 (No return
within 1 hour). The reception is directly in front of you when you enter, there is one step. A
temporary ramp is available, please ask a member of staff to put it out for you.

The entrance just off Mona Street is currently not in use.

The entrance between the Dinorben & Vet (The Old Dinorben Coach House) is open during
licensing hours and has two steps.

The entrance from our car park; which is directly opposite a Gulf Garage (LL68 9TG); is
located on the left-hand-side of the carpark. Access is gained by four steps with a handrail to
the right-hand-side. When inside the vestibule, take the left-hand-side door and follow the
corridor to the end and the reception is on the left

The ground floor comprises the following rooms:
a) Front Lounge: accessed by the first door which is on the right as you enter the main
entrance; toilet facilities are through either double door and across the lounge bar and
through the door opposite and down one step which has a grab rail:

b) Lounge Bar: accessed by the second door which is on the right as you enter the main
entrance: toilet facilities are through a door to the left of the window and down a single
step with a grab rail:

c) Dining Room & Breakfast Room; accessed by the double door on the left-hand-side of
reception: toilet facilities are through the second set of double doors and the toilets are
on the right, there are no steps:

d) Function Room: can be accessed from the car park, once up the steps with the handrail,
enter the vestibule and go through the doors on the righthand side. Alternatively enter
the hotel through the main entrance and turn right before the double doors to the Dining
Room and down the passage for about 40 yards (36.5 metres), through one more door
and then through the double doors in the vestibule. The Ladies toilets are to the right of
the stage and are on the same level; the Gents’ toilets are further right than the Ladies
and are down three steps:

e) Pool Room: can be accessed by the entrance between the Dinorben & Vet during
licensed hours, there are two steps to get in this way or go through the lounge bar, as if
heading for the toilets and turn left, the doorway will be straight in front of you:

f) Games Room, carry on through the Pool Room, and turn right, this room can be exited
by the door between the Dinorben & Vet, which has a steep step.

g) Smoking Area and Beer Garden: These are located between the car park, the Vet’s
Surgery and the entrance to the Function Room